Furniture Cleaning

furniture cleaning serviceIs your furniture or upholstery starting to look a bit worn down?

We all know spills are an unavoidable fact of life, but they don’t have to stick with you (or your furniture) forever. With American Carpet Cleaning on your side, you can save the expense of buying new furniture. Our professional team will carefully examine your furniture and determine which of our soap-free, odor-free, and allergy-free products would be best for your individual needs.

At American Carpet Cleaning we have over 17 years of experience, and use only the best cleaning products and equipment available.

We’re confident that our experienced cleaning technicians will remove stains, odors, grime, grease or any other inconvenient eye sore lurking on your furniture or upholstery, and make it look better than the first day you brought it home. What are you waiting for? Call to get your free estimate today, and take the first step towards a having a cleaner and healthier home.

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Power!

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